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Need valuable benefits for your workforce? DART’s Employer Pass Team can show you how to boost your bottom line by getting on board with the DART employer annual pass program.

DART Employer Annual Pass

Did you know that offering an annual DART pass to your employees can boost employee productivity and morale while also offering tangible benefits to your company’s bottom line? DART’s dependable schedule means employees can skip fighting traffic and arrive at work on time, with less stress, more money in their pocket, and the good feeling of reducing their carbon footprint. And, in case of an unexpected family emergency during the workday or need to stay late at work, the passes include free emergency taxi rides to get them where they need to go. DART Employer Annual Passes are offered at a reduced rate and even offer tax benefits.

Benefits to Employer

Improves productivity: employees are less likely to be late or change jobs

Added benefit for recruiting and retention

Helps companies qualify for LEED certification

Tax benefits

Passes are transferable

25% discount off retail price

Easy path to purchase and support

Benefits to Employee

Improves morale: reduces stress and offers better quality of life and cardiovascular health

Saves money: employees save an average of over $4,400 to $9,283 annually over driving

Emergency Rides

Possible tax benefits

DART Monthly Pass

Save time, money and headaches with Monthly Pass benefits for your company. This unlimited rides pass program provides monthly passes to employers to distribute on-site to employees. Employers enrolled in Monthly Pass program often choose to subsidize the cost for employees. Minimum purchase is 11 monthly passes.

What Monthly Pass gives you

Productivity increase due to less stress

Savings of up to $10,000 per parking space

Ability to recruit from the entire metroplex

Improved employee retention; reduced recruiting and training costs

Reduced tardiness; savings of lost work time

Decreased traffic and pollution; reputation as a good corporate citizen

Transit that works in spite of car problems; decreased absences

Unlimited DART rides

Proactive tool to get employees to work; fewer excuses

Substantial money savings for employees

Tax-free benefits for you and your employees

Refunds for unused passes


Ready to get started? DART’s Employer Pass Team is ready to assist you.

Call 214-747-RIDE or complete our contact form to reach us!